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Cappadocia is known around the world as one of the best places to take a hot air balloon flight. Flights take off at sunrise, the day’s first rays illuminating the breathtaking scenery below. Driftıng over and between fairy chimneys, pigeon houses hewn into the unique rock formations, orchards and vineyards then floating over rippled ravines and deep cut valleys, this really is a once in a lıfetime experience! And all before breakfast! You’ll be back at the hotel in time to go on a daily tour or a much needed nap. 

Costs, what’s included and further information

Balloon flights last at least one hour! You will be picked up and dropped off from the hotel. Before the flight you will receive a light breakfast and safety briefing. One back on ‘terra firma’ after the flight you will be presented with your very own ‘Flight Certificate’ and a celebratory glass of Champagne!